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Delivering more value for our customers from start to finish.

When there are so many utility-scale solar developer companies to choose from, what criteria do you use to select the solar company you want to work with for the next 20+ years?

CSG Developers LLC and its global development partners has the trusted experience developing solar installations across the U.S. and throughout the globe including hundreds of MWs installed and currently in development.

With decades of solar energy project development and deployment around the world, we’ve become specialists in crafting a predictable and dependable methodology to ensure our projects our successful and benefit all project stakeholders. And we keep our lines of communication with all stakeholders open and transparent throughout the entire process so there are no unexpected surprises.

Our vast experience developing hundreds of commercial, community and utility-scale projects has taught us a lot. We’ve learned what works.

And what doesn’t. What to anticipate and the due diligence necessary to ensure a smooth and successful project. We do our research and are up on everything cutting edge. Just ask CSG’s founder and principal project manager, John Fitzgerald Weaver. John is a leading and respected solar energy researcher and educator and frequent contributor to PV Magazine U.S.A. From seeking out the best companies to source solar panels to forecasting market trends, John and his team at CSG Developers and Partners will ensure that your solar project will be profitable and the experience smooth.

Just ask Honeywell and many other respected companies who’ve hired or partnered with us.

How have we earned the respect and confidence of our partners and customers from globally recognized companies to generational farmers in Upstate NY?

As a utility scale solar developer, CSG Developers pays careful attention to engineering, finance, sales, labor laws, hardware costs, politics/legislation, and so much more.

Some of our projects require hundreds of pages of documentation and many bureaucratic steps. That’s why it’s crucial to work with someone who provides added value and proven experience.

Delivering more value means getting the timing down for each stage of solar project development and providing good communication. Making sure the land owner knows when the machines will show up to construct is a basic courtesy. Keeping the noise down is an aspiration. Picking the right tools, and doing the work the right way. It all comes together and makes a difference in the end.

Picking the right tools, and doing the work the right way. It all comes together and makes a difference in the end.

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