CSG - Your Source for a Solar Farm Land Lease

Looking to obtain a solar farmland lease?
Lease your land to a company who cares.

If you’re a landower, you may have acres of unutilized land that you are paying property taxes on and losing money.

Have you ever considered leasing your land for solar panels?

Why not put your land to better use for the environment, and pocket, by leasing your land to CSG for the development of a utility or commercial solar energy project. We offer very favorable and competitive 20+ year land lease rates per acre.

And, throughout the lease contract period, you can be assured that we will care for your land as if it was our own – and quickly, and carefully, restore your land to its original condition at the end of the contract term.

And we’ll have some help from Mother Nature as well. As your land lies fallow, the soil will become enriched and more suitable for future farming activities.

If you would like to continue farming all, or most of your land, you may consider an agrivoltaic or “dual-use” system, that allows you to simultaneously farm your land around the solar energy system while generating renewable energy.

Are you interested in selling your land for solar development?

Perhaps you or your family are no longer able or interested in continuing farming operations. CSG Developers will offer you a competitive purchase price for your land. The next best thing to farming your land is seeing to it that your land benefits the environment via the production of renewable energy.

Solar Farms create healthier communities with access to affordable energy for thousands of customers.

Want to know more?

Contact me today to set up a 15-minute call. I’ll do a preliminary design and rough pricing to determine if we are a good fit.

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