Utility Scale Solar Development - We Build With You

As far back as 2002, when the solar industry was in its infancy,
members of CSG Developers were deploying solar power.

We have global experience, now focusing our expertise in the USA.

CSG Developers is a USA based solar power development company that has constructed, developed, and consulted on projects across the United States. 

Our team’s experience includes oil and gas land development, real estate, banking, project management, as well civil and electrical engineering, since the early 2000s. Additionally, we have a fully insured General Contractor and Master Electrician license in multiple states.

Our owner, John Fitzgerald Weaver, is a solar and energy industry trade journalist with two decades of experience in solar power, technology, construction, and banking. John’s experience as a journalist writing for industry experts exposes him to some of the largest names, and hottest topics, of the solar power industry – in turn – putting CSG Developers at the cutting edge of the industry.

What we’ll do for your solar project:

Provide a financial analysis including electricity production, revenue stream projections, tax consequences, and operations and maintenance costs.

Deliver a complete cost breakdown of components, labor, and services. This includes comparisons with national data and profit margins.

Design the layout of a complete solar system including the Bill of Materials requirements.

Handle the paperwork that drives federal incentives, the local power company, local permits, and state level requirements.

Act as your Project Developer and guide you through professional scrutiny with electrical and structural engineers, CPAs and bankers, permitting and contractors.

What customers say:

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